About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the good news of an abundant life in Christ, and empower hungry hearts to enter in. Our goals are to sow the seeds of the Gospel, water it with the Word of God, nurture it with meaningful discipleship, and cultivate mature believers capable of reproducing themselves.

Our History

Walter and Beverly Dimmitt are founders and co-pastors of Abundant Life Ministries of Paseo del Norte.  As the “Paseo del Norte” of local history illustrates, we often traverse challenging terrain to reach God’s intended destination for our lives.  The circuitous route God prophesied about their lives together, the miraculous way in which He opened doors for them, and the challenges along the way, all served to anchor their hearts to the Lord, and each another. God’s path led them from Missouri to Texas, and across international waters to live for three years in the United Arab Emirates.  On return to the U.S. in January, 2001, they lived in Port Huron, Michigan, where Beverly became a registered nurse.


Walt and Beverly share a mutual love for the Lord, and a meaningful history of God’s loving intervention in their lives and family.  They have learned the joy of laboring together with the Holy Spirit, and know that God lovingly intersected their lives many years ago for His purposes: to impact the world they live in for Christ.


God miraculously opened doors once more in 2009, as Walt and Beverly felt led to accept a dental practice opportunity in El Paso with a longtime professional acquaintance and friend.  Abundant Life Ministries of Paseo del Norte was birthed in Beverly’s heart in the fall of 2012. Together, they contracted a building lease at 5003 Alabama in June of 2013, and held their first church service there on Sunday, August 4, 2013.